Avis Cyrus

2013 | Nov | 2
To the Youth,

all i can see is a female. gorgeous. hurt.
all i can see is a female. gorgeous. not forced. on top. calling the shots.

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Destiny’s Child

2013 | Nov | 1
To the Young,
To the Younger,

Today, I would like to let you in on a super secret. I have uncovered this just recently.

You see. That idea? That you have about what youre supposed to do? That’s really what youre supposed to do.

Because if youre really supposed to teach and write, you really will teach and write. See Paulo Coehlo. If youre really supposed to run and write, you really will run and write. See Haruki Murakami. And if youre really supposed to write and fly, you will. Eventually. See Neil Gaiman.

So, young thing, just in case youre in that state right now where youre considering the pros and cons of stuff, do not think harder. Think lighter. Do not run away from, say, politics or corporate leadership just because you do not wish to be associated with greedy and nasty people. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Do not fear criticisms, love. Do not avoid necessary conflicts, my dear pacifist. Do not fear corruption. Neither fear exhaustion, introvert one. Because if we keep ourselves out of harm’s way just because we want Easy, that thing–that ‘what-were-supposed-to-do’ thing–will still catch up with us one way or another. Change our hearts, one way or another. Eventually. Only, it become harder and tougher for us the longer we dally.

But, if this ‘eventuality’ catches up with us while we are in the middle of a super ancient greekish ‘know thyself’ dilemma, excuse yourself politely. Comfortability with ourselves in our own skin takes precedent over everything else. Please note, however, that comfort does not equate to well-defined.

Comfort, in this particular context, is more about being open-minded and being more accepting of ourselves despite the world’s obsession on normativity. Accepting, in terms of dealing with the uncertainties of life as they come: not knowing how things will turn out but comfortable with the idea that Change is the most natural of things; and that all we could do is be ready to adjust when it comes.

Change is necessary for growth. And I am presently, seemingly, in a plane of existence where Im finding it more and more absolute that Life is Growth. Although, quite frankly, how I would still be able to consequently believe that life on Earth is all about love, is beyond me. Oh, well.
So, if we are finding ourselves torn between our intuition and eternal exposure to evil, or torn between our priorities and destiny, dont panic. Think lighter. Pray.


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A Business State Of Mind

2013 | Oct | 06
To Future Me,

It’s amazing how much learning we had in such a short time. I’m amazed by how much growing can be had in a month’s time!

I wish to write them down for you, lest they became inaccesible from memory.

I still have what it takes.  Apparently.

At present, with all these introversion and social awkwardness and limited neurons, we are still able to impress the big white Homo sapiens sapiens from half-way around the world; and the little brown ones from this side of the world.  Shakily impressed, yes, but, still, impressed nevertheless. Like the metaphor used during our “graduation” ceremony –to illustrate my company’s relationship with the clients’–, their nice accolade is still wet cement that we need to give them the numbers and show more consistency so that the wet cement can harden into a solidly founded perception.

Our biggest challenge at present is Time Management!

We have always used the ADHD excuse over our conscience for the longest time. I say, enough! I still completely agree that it is a valid excuse, yes, but only in Averageville. Winners with integrity, I noticed, do not whine. So, nothing’s left to do but to work harder in the focus and concentration department.

Our Motivation.

To finally realize that the lows in life are really opportunities at its core, amuses me to no end.

It may be the silliest driving force to have, to move out of fear of being broke. But, in my opinion, financial independence will always remain the main driving force of people born in underprivilige. And as my Early Life has far more luck in Charity and brains than everyone else then, Im glad that this particular comprehension did not give up on getting to me.

On the Ideal.

We have the intellect, the tongue, and enough experience to create great business output… and we have the patience and enough charisma to pull off a peaceful relationship with colleagues at work; however, to become truly great, we have to become the greatest of our self. We have never been the type to follow the crowd, anyways. So, for now, to the books we shall go.

The Way.

And because opportunity came without waiting for us to become ready, we, then, shall be ready while getting ready!

Set, go!  To impregnable, X-O!


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On Gladness

2013 | Jun | 24
To M,

Do you know how gladness feels like? It is that kind of happiness that comes with such intensity that, naturally, would try to overflow from the heart.  But that overflowing never happens because of a body reflex that contains it from doing so. Perhaps, the reason why it tries to overflow (even if we all know that in the end it’s kept from doing so), is so that our heart can let us in on this gladness. Because without it, we’d start doubting that, too, like we do love.

I hardly take a look at your timeline anymore, M. I never had, actually. Once in a while, yes. But only for updates. After all, I have stopped falling in love with you a very long time ago. When I do miss you, I go back to the memories. After all, it was her that I fell in love with, not her future–not you.

I looked at your timeline today. Nothing much to it, just a routine check if you must know. And then I saw that one thing that made my heart jump. Youve relocated to my city! When just a few minutes ago, I was castle-in-the-wind-ing the idea of relocating to your city. Ha! I didnt know that you could still make my heart jump. Apparently, I could be lying to myself about being over you. Otherwise, why the gladness?

Well, let’s see how things turn out, this whole conspiracy theory. But, you know what, thank you, very much. Whatever this could all be for, doesnt seem to be important yet. I am inspired again! For now, that’s all that matters. Finally, motivation.


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2013 | July | 02
To Life,



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Summer Excuse

2013 | Jun | 01
To Future Me,

Summer is officially over. But it came as if it never did. April and May were dismissed perennial by the apathetic routine of work. Although my present company did try to make up for it.

#1 Tank tops are ok.
It’s supposedly business casual from Mondays through Thursdays, but no one seems to be bothered by my favorite tank tops in skinny jeans. Summer excused, perhaps? So, what we did was to buy a lot more of them [that favourite] in browns and grays and literally went to work with them everyday. It solved the exhausting problem of always having to figure out what to wear. I loved the fact that we looked good on them and, most importantly, we feel comfortable in them. And although our arms resembled more and more like Vin Diesel’s as summer progressed, thanks to my present company’s not-so-strict dress code, we shall casual wear until reprimand.  We’ll keep on taking the jackets off before and after every shift, ofcourse, until Vin Diesel decides, I guess, to sue us for infringement :p

#2 Food in Free-Flow
Because we found a cheaper place, we got to spend that difference –made larger by my present company’s offer– on food on the grounds of the summer excuse. I know it’s gonna be very hard to diet this unwanted free horizontal extensions off, but Im up for the challenge.

#3 Sagala
Ah, summer! You make girls compete with flowers! There’s one girl in particular who did extraordinarily during our Account’s Santacruzan activity. I may have been arrested having seen her without her usual ruby red lipstick, it doesnt erase the fact that time holds unalterable memories of Beauty and Inspiration. #InspireAndBeInspired

#4 Company Summer Outing


It doesnt matter that we didnt come to the company outing last week. I still get pleasure from the fact-ness of it, being that companies still do summer outings and that my company is one of them– despite its popularity for stinginess, haha.

XO, hopefully-still-sexy kid 😉

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When The Cosmos Become Cheeky

2013 | May | 31
To the Cosmos,

Do you think youre funny? Why the f*ck would you give free lunch today when you know Im on a diet? Is it because of what I wrote yesterday about how the best things in life are still those that come for free?

Youre not funny, you know. Youre mean, youre making fun of me.  Stop proving me silly!


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